Returning a lease car is rarely an easy process and the last thing you want is to get stung with inflated repair costs for something you consider "fair wear and tear".

That's why we've developed our FREE Lease Car Return Program (LCRP).

When it's time to return your car to the lease company bring it to us and we will perform a full bodywork and interior check, based on the systems that the lease companies use, and prepare you a full report at no cost to you. The report will detail how your car performed in the checks along with any recommendations of how to make sure your car is returned fuss free.

The LCRP check and report are both free and there is no obligation.

If you have booked your LCRP through the website and decide to use us to carry out any work to your car that the LCRP recommends, we'll include a free exterior bodywork polish worth £150. Our unique polish is like no other. Using the most advanced products and techniques, we remove any dirt or other products from the paintwork before machine buffing it, leaving it looking as good as it did when it first left the factory. Your lease company won't believe you've even driven it!

We know you'll be happy with the results. That's why LCRP comes with a guarantee that if your lease company finds any issue with your cars bodywork after it's been with us we'll fix it for FREE.

We can book an LCRP upto 12 months in advance so get in touch now, get your car booked in and relax knowing that you won't get stung with any surprises when you return your lease car.